Moving to low and zero emission sources of energy is crucial for the successful transition to a Net Zero economy. Electrical energy is used to power a range of activities at our facilities, including refrigeration systems, wastewater treatment, mechanical services, water pumping, processing equipment and general services such as lighting. Natural gas, oil and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and other fuels are used to produce energy for hot water and steam generation.

Since 2020 we are powering all sites, using 100% renewable electricity

Modern Management System

Our production sites are ISO certified for environmental management (Dawn Meats and Dunbia) and energy management (Dawn Meats and Dunbia) and real-time performance is observed across the business through our Energy Management System, with metering systems to monitor Significant Energy Users (SEU), such as refrigeration and boiler systems. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are agreed and progress is shared through monthly calls, site reports and quarterly energy meetings. This communication strategy provides insights into opportunities for improvement across our sites. As per our Energy Policies (Dawn Meats and Dunbia), we are committed to continuously achieving energy reductions.

Investment in Technology​

We continuously optimise the efficiency and performance of SEUs through ongoing investment in technology and utility measuring and reporting, eliminating wastage right across the production lifecycle. For example, cleaning boilers to improve overall energy efficiency, switching from Gas Oil to Natural Gas, upgrading hot water systems. We continue to install LED lighting across all sites. ​

Supplier Engagement

Energy management is an integral part of our procurement process. Supplier selection takes account of past performance and awareness of the environmental impact of their services. Regular engagement with SEU contractors allows our sites to identify best practices and advances in technology, in order to drive continuous improvements.

Employee Engagement​

Employees are engaged on how their actions impact energy performance, and training is provided to maintain a culture of accountability across our sites. Awareness campaigns on the importance of energy conservation are regularly scheduled. Annual Environmental Week Campaigns focus specifically on energy efficiencies both in the workplace and at home. Information and best practice is shared via virtual displays, guest speakers and interactive quizzes.