Ethical Trade and Human Rights

We work hard to protect human rights in our supply chains and operations, and our Business and Supplier Codes of Conduct and policies are guided by the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code. We are AB members of SEDEX and our sites undergo SMETA and Supplier Workplace Accountability Audits. 

Ensure our value chains are in compliance with our Business and Supplier Codes of Conduct and the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code

Responsible Sourcing

We source materials and services from approximately 150 countries. Our Responsible Sourcing Team is comprised of buyers with expert category knowledge, including livestock, packaging, equipment, machinery, ingredients and consumables. The team play a key role in managing supply chain risks such as human rights abuses and deforestation. Supplier key performance indicators include environmental, ethical and other social considerations. 

We source ingredients from around the world and certain regions present challenges around  supply chain transparency, traceability and security of supply. We expect our ingredients suppliers to be audited and certificated to the required British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards. Climate change is increasingly impacting vulnerable communities around the world and we will continue to collaborate with customers and partners through the Food Network for Ethical Trade, to address human rights risks where there is poor supply chain transparency.


We deliver online and in-person training on the risks of labour exploitation and abuse during induction to all colleagues, in conjunction with Stronger Together, a not for profit organisation which provides guidance, training, resources and a network for employers, labour providers and workers offering a range of specialist training on tackling modern slavery. 


Safecall is an independent confidential reporting mechanism for identifying potential wrongdoing at work. We aligned Safecall with our independent confidential reporting hotline and Stronger Together infrastructure to create an internal mechanism for immediate response should we be alerted to a potential instance of labour abuse, exploitation or modern slavery.