Farm Green Webinar – Forage and Grazing Optimisation in 2023: Expert Insights

This Farm Green webinar is hosted by Sophie Thompson, Agricultural Graduate at Dunbia who is joined by Isabelle England, Ruminant Nutritionist at Trouw Nutrition. ​A vital part of Farm Green’s aim is to transfer knowledge and inspire the farming community to reach our shared sustainability goals. Join us for this webinar as Isabelle England explains how you can make the most of your forage through her expert insight.​

​Isabelle England is a ruminant nutritionist with Trouw Nutrition GB and forage specialist with a background in Bioveterinary Science. Isabelle specialises in optimising forage usage and mineral strategies. As she is responsible for monitoring grass quality and potential performance from forage, Isabelle is passionate about high-quality forage and its impact on livestock nutrition.

Join us for this webinar for valuable insights and strategies on making the most from your forage to elevate your animals and manage expectations.​ ​We hope you find this webinar insightful and enjoyable. Join us on our journey as we work together to inspire sustainable farming. Follow Dunbia on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and look out for #FarmGreen. ​