Farm Green Webinar – Optimising Ewe Nutrition and Early Life Nutrition in Lambs

This Farm Green webinar is hosted by Leisia Tudor, Agriculture Account Manager at Dunbia who is joined by Georgina Thomas, Young Animal Feed Manager GB & Regional Manager at Trouw Nutrition. ​A vital part of Farm Green’s aim is to transfer knowledge and inspire the farming community to reach our shared sustainability goals. As sheep farms prepare ahead of their lambing period, we are delighted to be joined by Trouw Nutrition for this webinar, who will provide practical advice on understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy ewe to support a healthy lamb, along with the vital role of colostrum which is crucial in ensuring a productive flock.

We hope you find this webinar insightful and enjoyable. Join us on our journey as we work together to inspire sustainable farming. Follow Dunbia on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and look out for #FarmGreen. ​