Farm Green Webinar – Making Sense of your Silage to ensure Sustainable Production

This Farm Green Webinar is hosted by Claire Windrum, Agriculture Account Manager at Dunbia who is joined by Dr. Liz Homer, Ruminant Technical Development Manager, Trouw Nutrition. ​A vital part of Farm Green’s aim is to transfer knowledge and inspire the farming community to reach our shared sustainability goals.

As silage clamps are opened and winter feeding well and truly begins to get under way, we are delighted to be joined by Trouw Nutrition for this webinar, who will provide practical advice and support on how to make sense of your silage analysis reports, differences in silage quality across the UK and the influence of this year’s growing season.

We hope you find this webinar insightful and enjoyable. ​Join us on our journey as we work together to inspire sustainable farming. Follow Dunbia on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and look out for #FarmGreen. ​